White polyester & cotton duvet cover Bastia blanc

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Bastia blanc

White polyester & cotton 40cm cup fitted sheet
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Bastia white duvet cover - 80% combed cotton satin 20% polyester - 140 gsm - Reversible straight shape with 2 hand opening at the head and color thread for size recognition at the foot. Polysatin with a soft, comfortable and silky feel. Perfect compromise for an optimal value for money. Easy laundry maintenance both in terms of drying time and passage through an iron machine thanks to its low percentage of polyester (intimate mixture). A very nice product at a competitive price. This product

Textile care

Product made for industrial care: very hot washing, machine drying and hot ironing. Garnier-Thiebaut recommends washing at a maximum of 60 degrees Celsius, which is more respectful of the environment. This care information is indicative, the optimal conditions to care for you linene vary depending on the type of washing. Talk to one of our experts if you have any questions.

Data sheet

140 gsm
Reversible straight shape with hem of colour at the feet to recognise the size
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