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Since 1833, Garnier-Thiebaut has worked for the greatest hotels and restaurants which affirm their identity through original creations.

The personalised linen collections are the result of a collaboration between creative spirits of interior designers, our textile savoir-faire and the expertise of launderers who help to perpetuate the shine of these unique creations.


Le Relais de Chambord

Completely restored in 2018 and transformed into a contemporary boutique hotel, the former post office of the Château de Chambord is a charming address in the heart of an extraordinary natural and cultural heritage.

The circles and diamonds shades drawn with slates on the many chimneys of the castle were a major source of inspiration for the identity of the establishment and for the linen.


Bath sheets, bathrobes, carpets embroidered with the slate signature.


Set in white sateen of cotton punctuated by fine jacquard stripes - Pillowcases with overlock stitching and embroidery in the corner

Cheval Blanc Paris - La Samaritaine

Installed in the Art Deco masterpiece designed by Henri Sauvage in 1928, Cheval Blanc Paris has taken up residence in a place imprinted with poetry and history: La Samaritaine.

The architects Peter Marino and Edouard François imagined the redevelopment of this place as an ode to art and craftsmanship.


Bed linen set in damask 600 TC cotton sateen with the weaving of the monogram inspired by the emblematic grids of La Samaritaine.

This linen, in competition with competing set, was chosen by Bernard Arnault himself.


Different in every restaurant. Embroidered linen or pure cotton which damask pattern dating from 1930 coming from Garnier-Thiebaut's own archives.

Madame Rêve

For this opening at the end of 2021, Garnier-Thiebaut worked with Laurent Taïeb and his teams so that the joy of living and the pleasure of being together would be read even in the linen.

The building inspired Laurent Taïeb with a decoration in bronze colours made of warm materials.

For the linen it is between white and ocher that the creation was directed.


Soft and enveloping personalised bathrobe: microfiber exterior for an ultra-soft touch and cotton interior for optimal absorption.

Madame Rêve damask fouta was weaved in ocher orange tones.


Classic sateen with a subtle bourdon framing on the pillowcases.

Cour des Vosges

Five centuries of history in the art of French living.

Privileged partner of the Evok group, Garnier-Thiebaut had the chance to work on the magnificent Cour des Vosges boutique hotel project, which opened its doors in 2019.

For this unique heritage place, Garnier-Thiebaut designed and produced linen in the caramel gray tones embroidered with the facade of the establishment.


Caramel gray cotton sateen embroidered with white and finished with white piping that perfectly enhances the contours of the linen echoing the embroidery.


100% cotton zero twist 500gr bath towel finished with a caramel gray band.

Light bathrobe thought as a dressing gown with a cotton interior and a fine embroidered fabric on the outside.

Royal Monceau Raffles Paris

For this exceptional renovation project a minute from the Champs-Élysées, Garnier-Thiebaut worked in 2008 with Philippe Starck's teams to create the perfect alliance between the new spirit of the Palace and unique comfort.

Long-term collaboration at its highest level.


The choice of softness and customisation with a heavy and enveloping 100% cotton collection available in two colours for adults, children and babies.


Ultra-light royal flax linen set finished with ladder hemstitches all around the pillowcases as well as in the center of the duvet cover and embroidered with faces inspired by the drawings of Jean Cocteau.

Garnier-Thiebaut quality linen is also featured on the tables of renowned chefs, including:

Gordon Ramsay | Anne-Sophie Pic | Michel Sarran | Jean Imbert | Hélène Darroze | Alain Ducasse | Arnaud Donckele


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