How to choose between an external or internal laundry

You areĀ considering maintaining your laundry internally, this page should help you make the right decision:

Benefits of washing your laundry internally

Disadvantages of washing your laundry internally

- Choice of own linen which can be personalised as desired - Less intensive washing than in industrial laundry = Longer laundry life - Certainty that no other establishment will be able to use its laundry - Not dependent on a laundry service provider - Less stock required (3 to 5 sets of laundry Maximum)

- Requires having all the equipment, machines and an integrated laundry room - Requires qualified personnel for care - A larger initial investment to acquire the 3 to 5 sets of laundry - Upon receipt of the laundry, plan a period to disburse the laundry (in order to remove the primers) before it can be used in the bedrooms and on the tables

For all the products sold on this site, you will find a technical sheet with the maintenance conditions but our team is always at your disposal to advise you.

The Garnier-Thiebaut quality team also knows how to recognize the different types of wear and tear associated with the maintenance and installation of its products.

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