Exclusive private projects

One of the great particularities of Garnier-Thiebaut is that it can offer personalised products in very small series.

The technical knowledge of the Garnier-Thiebaut experts makes it possible to produce linen adapted to the washing, transport and daily need of its clients while making each product a real personalised decorative object.



Demeures privées

Private property



Meet one of our experts to define your private collection with your sizes, your fabrics, your colours, your finishes, your embroideries.

Meet an expert

Anywhere in the world

For decades, Garnier-Thiebaut has been supplying the bedrooms, swimming pools, bathrooms and tables of a number of Palace, 5Star hotels, embassies and private jets, in more than 80 countries.

At Garnier-Thiebaut, private projects are managed by the team in charge of luxury hotels which applies the same standard of creativity and quality.

If you would like a simple personnalisation for small quantity, also consult 5byGarnier-Thiebaut.com website on which private customers can order bespoke linen in a few simple clicks