Green linen and other fibers kitchen towel

Pink 100% cotton kitchen towel
Kitchen towel

Selection of tea towels with excellent value for money. Order preparation in less than a week.

The tea and kitchen towels are a must have in the kitchens of hotels, restaurants, inns and even Airbnb. A real Swiss Army knife, it will wipe your dishes, your hands and worktops quickly and with great absorption power. More than a practical cloth, it will be an ally for your teams on a daily basis. Thus, it is important to choose a quality tea towel to withstand frequent use and washing.

Checkered, quadrille or with touches of color, bring aesthetics, quality and durability to your kitchens. Bring color and sparkle to your kitchens! Our white cotton quadrille tea towels are available in dimensions 47x80cm and our ecru and pink linen batten tea towels are available in sizes 50x77cm.

Like all our items, our tea towels are sold in sets to ensure a smooth ride between washes. In order to optimally extend its shelf life, you will find clear washing instructions for each product.