The well-being of your customers while they sleep is the essential point that determines the customer experience. For this, the duvet is an element not to be neglected.

Garnier Thiebaut designs two types of duvets to cover your needs. One is lightweight (150 g / m²) with a 100% polyester microfiber filling and a cotton percale shell. Its tile stitching keeps the filling in place and provides comfort.

The other type of duvet that can be found at Garnier Thiebaut is a thicker duvet that is warm but still retains this cozy aspect. Its filling is 100% polyester microfibers (350g / m²) with an envelope of white cotton percale and always a check stitching.

The synthetic filling is particularly suitable for people sensitive to dust mites.

In order to guarantee impeccable cleanliness and hygiene, they are suitable for industrial washing cycles. You have at your disposal a downloadable technical sheet under each of our product sheets.